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Search Engine Optimization “Annexing my existence in the realm of online marketing”


“Annexing my existence in the realm of online marketing ”


Jose Marie Eugene E. Jambongana

The very essence of an SEO professional can be summed up with colloquial terms and jargons pertaining to the meta physical realm of Search Engine Optimization. Success in search engine optimization is all about perseverance, determination to succeed amidst hindrances, resilience to all the negativity that one might encounter and the most important key factor, patience. Like all endeavors there is no such thing as overnight miracle recipe for success, one has to invest a boat load of hard work. Discipline is also a definite key factor, once you have a structured outline of your daily day to day tasks results will come. It’s all about consistency once you have focused on a goal with psyched up mindset and mentally to gobble up even the most trivial info, what’s there to stop you?

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BLOGs and SEO are they meant to be? Definitely maybe!

Sometimes, I feel that the emphasis on blogs and blogging have taken dangerous heights. Especially with someone who has to sell his products online. There’s enough and more information flowing around that says setting up a blog on your site is the “band aid” to your falling SERP ranks. Blogs do help in oiling back the machine but I’m seriously concerned over the “setting up a blog” part of it, I strongly disagree that just by setting up a blog, some miracle is going to happen. No.

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Distinguish yourself in SEO, be an upstart with a dynamic repertoire.

In the complex and highly competitive world of SEO. One has to develop a keen habit of being constantly vigilant for quaint details that could ultimately make or break what you have striven to achieve. Here are 5 highly essential rules to go by in order to effectively indexed dynamic contents.
Rule #1: Always provide a regular HTML link to all pages on your website.

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Re-invent yourself, alter how your site appears in the SERPs

While scouring the web over the past few hours whilst multi-tasking on several pursuits of knowledge and intuitive learning. I stumbled upon these highly essential tips that are priceless and ultimately aid me on my quest of success in the realms of SEO. Read up and enjoy its not much but I hope it is useful to newbies and experienced professionals alike. Continue reading

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Wohoo… This is an SEO journal blog for an upstart trying to dwelve deeper in the realms of Search Engine Optimization.

I continued viewing the SalesForce.com presentation and tutorial videos whilst reading up on SEO topics in the web.
I researched a plethora of voice recording softwares that would be quite useful for our company. While also browsing through the tutorials. I was also instructed by Ms. Hayzent to create a wordpress blog wherein I could let my creative juices flowing and blog about my daily interaction, learning, basically all things here in VAT that I have come accustomed to. This is a compulsory blog mind you so I have to keep it simple and concise yet enjoyable to read. Continue reading

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Hello world!


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